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Hi all,

I've recently picked up an MU50 to compliment my Roland SC-50.

The main reason for getting the MU50 was to try and enjoy some of the limited XG MIDI out there, in particular the FF7 soundtrack.

The problem I'm having however is that getting XG data to play doesn't seem to be working. I've been speaking to the chap who made this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SolVS7czQvg&l … B47k9p5EtUyneIU and our set up is almost identical. Both using Macs, both using USB to MIDI cables, both using an App called MIDI Player X to play the files, and both using the same source files, and yet the results are very different.

My unit is playing everything with the Grand Piano instrument only. I can see the device detects the XG in the BANK/PGM display, but then seems to drop off and only play the one instrument. I cannot work out why and I'm hoping somebody has some ideas? Nothing in the original manual offers any troubleshooting on such an issue.

Just to add, I have not gone down the route of pass thru yet, the device is being tested in isolation just to rule out any issues there. The battery in the MU50 is also good and General MIDI plays just fine.

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I can only think that your unit needs a reset or might be damaged in some way. An MU50 would be at end-of-life by this point, so failure is certainly likely. There are newer Yamaha XG models that can better replace it, such as the QY series.