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I've got a DOS gamer I'm building and it has an S3 Trio64V+. Connected directly to an LCD TV, BIOS and DOS text are displayable. When I run a VESA mode game, however (7th Guest for example), I lose video. Oddly, a cheap VGA to HDMI converter will not display BIOS or DOS text, but displays 7th Guest's VESA SVGA mode, as well as Windows 3.11 (with proper S3 drivers).

I have Framemeister, but have not looked into whether or not it can help the situation. Any advice?

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Look in your TV's manual for the list of resolutions it will support via which input. On my LCD TV every input except for the SCART connector is severely limited with regards to what it will accept, both resolution and refresh rate wise. My vintage gaming systems are hooked up via a multi-SCART box for that specific reason.