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I am putting together a Windows 98 PC for the first time in a while. I'm not sure what video card to use. In the past I would have tried out both but now I am not sure I can be bothered! Which would you put in the following PC:

Slot A Athlon 800MHz;

So the PC is nothing too crazy or interesting The main reason for the PC is trying out Compact Flash storage as a C: drive for the first time. Now obviously the Nvidia MX is significantly faster than the V3 but quite a few glide games crop up in my list...

Unreal and Unreal Tournament
Quake 3
No One Lives Forever
Need for Speed 2/3/4
Late DOS games

I will also push the PC by trying to run Morrowind, C&C Generals, BF1942 etc.

Which card would you use?

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I have a vacancy for a main Windows 98 PC

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Install them both. Set primary AGP and all D3D game sessions will run on GeForce, all Glide sessions will run on Voodoo3. It will be so, be sure. You must only manually select monitor input when play glide.

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Geforce MX440. Obviously most of those games aren’t glide exclusive. I remember Quake3 performance was significantly better on the MX (T&L).

Check out DOSBox Distro:

https://sites.google.com/site/dosboxdistro/ [*]

a lightweight Linux distro (tinycore) which boots off a usb flash drive and goes straight to DOSBox.

Make your dos retrogaming experience portable!

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MX 440 is WAY more powerful that Voodoo3. It all comes down to Glide support. I am ditching Glide altogether in my latest build and I am happy with it. I even sold off most of my Voodoo cards. I still have a Voodoo 1 and a Voodoo 3 2000 AGP that I will probably sell off too.

EDIT: As long as we are talking about a non-gimped MX 440 with 128-bit width RAM bus, which you are.

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