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Here's a funny card I have.
Colorgraphic Predator LT 2 PCI, with 2 Savage 4 and a Hint bridge.
Since there's Savage 4 , we could expect some minimal performances, but it's a piece of garbage.
The only interest is it supports 2 screens natively, but I estimate the 2D performance as low as a S3 Trio.
I never managed to get any 3D acceleration with it on Win98.
On Win XP, the Win drivers work, I get about 20 fps in Direct3D for Unreal 1024x768 and a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz. Not impressive, and the image quality is not great.

DRI is supported on Linux, so does Xv, but don't expect much 😀


It seems it was made here :
https://web.archive.org/web/20050308115523/ht … e/misc/home.asp

And a few informations here too :

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Ah! Thanks. I did check before asking, but clearly was a station short. Funny card, as you say. Thanks for putting it up. I wonder if these were intended as a 'budget' option for enterprise suppliers.