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Until recently I’ve been using my retro PC with a widescreen (16:10) monitor. This monitor displayed games running at 320x200 as 16:10, but it had one very nice advantage: it always displayed the full image between different video modes.

Recently I replaced it with a 1280x1024 (5:4) monitor which I like much better for pretty much everything DOS-based, however image shifts between different video modes are driving me crazy (e.g. if I adjust monitor settings for the text mode, the left size of the image would be cut off by approx. 10 pixels in the 320x200 graphical mode).

The monitor actually remembers settings for different modes separately: I adjusted it for different resolutions in Windows and they all now display perfectly regardless of any other mode. The problem is that it treats the DOS text mode and 320x200 as the same video mode (720x400 @ 70 Hz) and doesn’t remember settings for them separately.

As far as I understand, this mainly depends on the video card. So, my question is: are there any video cards that are known to have minimal image shift between 320x200 and the text mode? Currently I’m using a GeForce 2MX400.