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I have an ATI 3D Xpression+ (Rage II) in my P233MMX PC, and in DOS programs the refresh rate in VESA / SVGA resolutions is always 60 Hz. I vaguely remember that there was a tool back in the day to change the default for that, e.g. to 85Hz. Is that so? If so, what program can I use for that?


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Yes and it makes things much easier on the eyes, and even makes some games play a bit faster (can be good and bad). Duke3D / Blood / etc benefit a lot from a higher refresh rate and my SMS emulator doesn't stutter at a higher rate.

I use UniRefresh which is mentioned here, but there are a few different options out there from memory. Depends on the card, and note that you need VESA 3.0 support.

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