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Hello retro friends,

A few months ago I put together an SS7 system with an AMD K6-3 and V3 3000. Now I've got myself a K6-2 + in order to be able to play older, speed-sensitive, games more easily with the setmul option. An Epox ep-58mvp3c-m and Windows 98se are used.
But now I have a very strange problem. After changing the CPU, the Voodoo went on strike. I see the post screen and then the Windows start logo, but as soon as the desktop is to be displayed, the screen (Crt) goes into standby. I can still hear the windows start-up sound and with Alt + F4 I can get out of Windows again and the font reappears.->You can now turn off the computer.
What did I try:
Different monitor-same behavior
Other GPU (Matrox G200)-everything is fine
16 colors + 640x800 - is fine, as soon as I increase something, no picture is possible
put the AMD K6-3 back in - Voodoo shows a picture again
new instal of Windows98-no improvement, no picture in Windows with the Plus CPU
change Power Supply- no improvement
change drivers and GPU-Bios- no imprvment

So why does the Voodoo get the desktop displayed with the K6-3 and not with the K6-2 +?


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Did you try to disable "Video BIOS Cacheable" and "System BIOS Cacheable"? The K6-2+ is a mobile variant of the K6-III with 128KB L2 cache and it is recommended to disable both for better stability with those CPUs.

Also as kixs said, which drivers are you using for the Voodoo3?

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Incidentally I have a system with a K6-2+ and Voodoo 3000 AGP, running Win98SE and it works just fine...

May be a compatibility issue with your motherboard (mine is the DFI K6XV3+, so - same chipset, different board...)

Or maybe one of the components (board, CPU or Voodoo) is slightly defective...

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