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I have seen several Glide listing on the web including Vogons <3 however my retro computing is focused on throwing some LAN partys for my friends and would be interested to find more IPX games from 1996-1998 era that supports glide and why not also D3D. I have 5pcs of 233MMX+Voodoo1 setups (thats why the year scope)

Has anyone seen such IPX listing or some other way how to identify which glide/d3d games from this era would have IPX support?

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You can at least count all the early DirectPlay games as IPX is one of the supported protocols (among modem, serial, and TCP-IP) and DirectPlay covers early LithTech, LucasArts (Outlaws and Jedi Knight) and many DirectX2-6 Microsoft games

MobyGames' Windows IPX list is hilariously tiny. The DOS list is more populated but no way to filter that down to Glide from there

long live PCem

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These are my dos games with network support, GTA been the only one that really benefits from glide.
Windows you can install any of your favourites, majority of games had a multiplier mode which included IPX

C&C 1995
Doom 1993
Doom2 1994
Death 1996
Duke3D 1996
Dungeon Keeper 1997
Fatal Racing 1995
GTA 1997
GTA 1999
Heretic 1994
Red Alert 1996
Rise of the Triad 1994
Screamer 1995
Terminal Velocity 1995
Warcraft 1994
Warcraft2 1995
BigRed Racing 1995
Hexen 1995