"low-cost" PCI gaming videocard

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Blitz_25 wrote on 2021-10-04, 12:04:

I'm searching a good "low-cost" PCI videocard alternative to V2/V3 for up to DX6 gaming on win98 platform.
Videocard will be used on socket7 motherboard (no AGP support) paird with cyrix MII 300 (have MMX 233 as well) and 128mb of RAM ....

I don't know what's going on with the prices as of late, but I guess if 50-60€ is ok for stuff like this, maybe something like a Riva128 or a Matrox G450. The former is closer to a Voodoo1 in performance and the latter is somewhere in the realm of a Voodoo3 or a TNT2.

I thought the shortage was for new video cards, but apparently folks are even mining with a S3 Virge these days, 🤣.

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I have 3 SIS 6326 PCI lying around, bought them for 1 euro on ebay for some tests.
But I still have 4 or 5 Nvidia Quadro NVS280 PCI lying around that I also bought for 1 euro on ebay.

I do not understand why GeForce are so expensive, but Quadros cheap.
It is the same chip, same driver, only difference is consumer grade vs. professional grade.

dr.zeissler wrote on 2021-10-07, 09:48:

If you want to play DX5/6 games, then you the card should support table-fog and 8Bit-palettized textures.
... but I prefer a good image quality far over the
best fps, so nvidia is out for me in this point.

What about the NVS280? Its picture quality is very good, even in FHD.

I also consider using the S3 Spea Mercury P64V I got for 15 euros, but that one has only 2MB RAM, thus good for DOS, but probably not really usable for Windows.

Any reason not to use the Quadro NVS280 on an Am5x86-PR75 with 64MB RAM?