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Hi everyone, got a bit of an obscure question and Googling has failed me so I'm asking here.

I recently picked up a Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2001 PCI card which is S3 Trio64V+ based. I also picked up a Diamond DTV-1100 card, which is an ISA based (well, ISA-powered) tuner/capture card specifically designed to hook up to the S64 2001. The two are supposed to connect using the S3 Scenic Highway Local Peripheral Bus ("LPB") connector which appears to be an extension on the normal VESA Feature Connector making it a total of 34 pins... like a floppy cable. So, I found a straight-through floppy cable (no twist) in my bin to try, and hooked them together, pin 1 matched up on both ends. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to work as I just got a green screen on the Diamond TV program (of course I am not trying analog tuning, I am trying to use the Composite/S-Video inputs). According to Diamond's old FAQ on the card, this means the cable isn't hooked up right. I also tried a floppy cable with a twist - same thing. Obviously the cable must be built differently than either of those, but I cannot find a picture of one anywhere.

So, the question is: has anyone seen one of these LPB cables and can you tell me what it's supposed to look like? I can totally fabricate my own if needed but I haven't found any information to do so.

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Here's an eBay picture from a boxed DTV-1100. The cable looks like a "plain" 34 pin cable.


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