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Hello all, I'm having a few Voodoo graphics cards in my collection and my favorite by far is the Voodoo 2. I own a Diamond multimedia, 3D Monster II with 8MB of RAM. Now I was wondering, should I go with a 3rd party driver, or simply use the original one (the latest update that is). The card is sitting inside an Intel P200 MMX with 128MB of Ram, a Maxtor 30GB IDE drive, SB Vibra 16 and Windows 98 SE. What are your thoughts/opinions on the matter ?

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Go with the final original driver as you are using it on a supported OS. I've never seen anything but reduced performance and problems with any of the third party drivers.

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Either the official drivers from ~june 1999 or the last drivers from jan 2000. The former incase there's some Direct3D6 issues (i.e. alphas not modulating properly with certain games/HOM errors) and the latter for better DX7 and OpenGL game support.

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