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pentiumspeed wrote on 2023-06-01, 22:55:

Corruption is memory speed or memory had degraded. These chips you have is 4 of junk quality memory chips and other 4 chips made by IBM could be 100ns or 120ns that were made for IBM made 256K modules rated at 120ns or 100ns.

Unfortunately ram is soldered on this video card. My best advice is to bend period correctness a bit on your nostalgic computer is to replace the video card with another of bit better. I suggest get another trident video card 8900D with 1MB installed. It will say trident on start up still.


Thanks for your advice! However, what is more important to me is neither the RESULT of getting 800x600-256 mode output to work nor the so called period correctness. I can easily plug in my idle S3Trio64V+ and get the way better performance or, like you have said, to buy a 8900D. But I prefer to figure out the problem itself, to get deeper understanding about these old hardwares/softwares. This process itself and the knowledge to solve all these issue is exactly what I want. Or I'd not bother fiddling all these old stuff.

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This corruption problem is definitely because of the memory chips on the card as thought of earlier, nothing short of replacing them will get you working high resolutions. The chips simply are too slow. It sounsd like modifications are not an option to the particular card so you will have to live with the low resolutions. For what it is worth, the higher ones are very low performance on this card anyway and I don't use them on any of my ISA Tridents, I found the extra desktop space in Windows is not really worth the dramatic reduction in performance with these cards.

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