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dos games run perfect fine i just get no sound in dos games unless it has pc speaker support

did some googling i think i need a dos driver that will emulate sound blaster? but im not sure

hope somebody can help

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I'm sorry, I did not found very much detailed information about it.

http://www.win3x.org/win3board/viewtopic.php? … 118&language=en
English Translation

If the soundcard is "SB Pro" compatible also, you could get some DOS "drivers"
(just initializing programs in reality) and you're ready to go.

If you can get Windows 98SE to run on it, you might be lucky and find matching
sound drivers for it (the VXD type often emulates Sound Blasters).

If not, you can also try Windows Me. It comes with WDM drivers mainly,
but older driver types (DRV/i386 and VXD) can also be installed manually.

(In both cases, you're running games on Windows, though.
Unless the Windows drivers also install extra drivers/init programs for pure DOS.)

Last, but not least, you can attach an ADLIPT/OPL2LPT device to the Parallel Port.
Or run TEMU on pure DOS, which can play back 3 channel Tandy music via internal PC Speaker
or an external Covox SpeechTing device (also on Parallel Port)..

Anyway, these are just some ideas,
since I know little about your laptop.

Good luck! 😀

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The Evo N610c has SoundMax audio, right? I assume you are talking about running these DOS games from within Windows, because I don't think there is a native DOS driver.

Anyways, on my Thinkpad A31p running Windows ME (also has SoundMax audio), I have an option to enable Sound Blaster emulation: Device Manager --> Sound devices --> SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio --> Settings

The installed driver, as far as I can see, is SMW95.VXD and SMW95.DRV, version

With SB Emulation enabled, I can get digital audio in games, as well as General MIDI music, but somehow they didn't work at the same time. Adlib/OPL3 emulation appears to be missing, though.

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Yep Soundmax (below link is HP's official driver)
https://support.hp.com/gb-en/drivers/selfserv … G_I18088-101192

You could try dr_st's driver above, its got a 50/50 chance of working. or "cheat" and install DOSBox on it. This laptop is well and truly into the WinXP era. Win98 itself was legacy, dos drivers would be aimed more at Admin tasks like imaging more then gaming.
Nice laptops though, it's what I was given at my very first job. Shoulder still hurts sometimes from carrying it round in a laptop bag each and every day for about 4 years though so don't recommend doing that, get a backpack! 😉