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First post, by dhruba.bandopadhyay

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This is to honor and keep Blood multi-player alive. It is still possible to play Blood over the internet or LAN under Windows XP SP2 or Vista*. There are 2 main working ways:

1 - DOSBox (XP/Vista, handle max 2 players because it's DOSBox)
2 - Hamachi (up to 8 players, 98/XP only, needs PC with 32-bit CPU, eg. original P4)

1 DOSBox
Thanks to aabluedragon (creator of Dukonnector http://duke3d.vachu.com/) who is first person to setup Blood over internet via DOSBox successfully - and now his Dukonnector can help connect Blood players together.

Quick guide to DOSBox multiplayer, client type:
ipxnet connect <server's ip> 23513

(where 23513 is your chosen port and the server has to port forward /open this port on his router. Port number is optional, and the default is 213 for DOSBox (I think).)

The server types:
ipxnet startserver <port>

(if you don't specify a port, then 213 is used by default for DOSBox).


2 Hamachi

I have tested this and it works, even behind a router/firewall.
My working setup:
- Hamachi version, or
- Hamachi settings default, but ensure you have:
-- System | (check) Do not use Universal Plug and Play
-- Security | (uncheck) Block vulnerable Microsoft Windows services
- In Network Connections install NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol
- In Hamachi Network IPX Properties (not your normal internet connection):
-- Internal network number: 00000000
-- Frame type: Ethernet II
-- Network number: 00000101
- In Hamachi Network TCP Properties (not your normal internet connection):
-- (tick) Obtain an IP address automatically
-- (tick) Obtain DNS Server address automatically


If you are interested in playing over the internet then please reply to this thread. It will be good to get 4 - 8 player games going on, on a weekly basis.

I will keep here an up-to-date list of players who submitted their MSN/YAHOO messenger usernames publicly:

aabluedragon@gmail.com (MSN)
denizsi@hotmail.com (MSN)
oleolaussen65@hotmail.com (MSN)
rogerhaarr@hotmail.com (MSN)

Just add them to your MSN/YAHOO messenger and hopefully you will have 3 Blood players for a 4 player deathmatch!!!

Also, this is an excellent alternative for Blood Buddies:

* - Vista? only via DOSBox, which is really DOSBox platform rather than Vista itself.

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Reply 1 of 21, by dhruba.bandopadhyay

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Oh, I forgot to mention, to force DOS games to detect & use your XP IPX network card, you need to do either one of two ways.

After installing there's 2 ways to run with IPX:

1. Get VDMSound 2.1.0 from VDMSound 2.1.0 PUBLIC BETA & install it! Right-click (Blood's) Setup.exe and select "Run with VDMS". Setup custom configuration. Create new configuration from scratch. Click Advanced. Goto Compatibility tab. Enable low-level network support. Done! Thew! You only need to do those config steps once.

Just right-click Blood's setup.exe file and "Run with VDMS" and you should get the setup straight away now.

OPTIONAL FOR 1. Right-click C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe and do exacly the same as above (in step 1). Once finished, a cmd.vlp file will be created. Copy/move this to wherever you want (eg. Desktop). Double-click it to run (if not recognised, right-click it and "Run with VDMS". Click yes to the prompt. Now you have a working DOS prompt with working IPX! Now you can run any DOS games...


(this method is if you don't care about sound and don't need sound)

Open up C:\Windows\system32\autoexec.nt file in notepad. Add

lh %SystemRoot%\system32\nw16
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\vwipxspx

to the bottom of the file.

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Reply 6 of 21, by tiny_1

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Hi! I have downloaded the dosbox version, and your multiplayer launcher. Previously we used vdmsound and GIT, but couldnt connect more than 2 LANs as the game went out of sync. So, we have waited a LONG time for something like this! Me and my buddy is ready to spill some blood!

Reply 8 of 21, by franpa

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hi, im after testing this out, anyone wish to speak to me on msn? how to do this if i have a router and DONT wish to use hamachi?

AMD Ryzen 3700X | ASUS Crosshair Hero VIII (WiFi) | 16GB DDR4 3600MHz RAM | MSI Geforce 1070Ti 8GB | Windows 10 Pro x64.

my website

Reply 9 of 21, by deoren

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1 - DOSBox (XP/Vista, handle max 2 players because it's DOSBox)

So DOSBox multi-player games are limited to 2 players max, or just Blood? Sorry to resurrect an old thread if forum policy is against that, but I figured my question would be better placed here.


Reply 11 of 21, by temptingthelure

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leileilol wrote:

You don't need a game specific guide for this. I could probably code a php web site that has a "guide to playing blah on dosbox" by using simple word replacing.

Yeah, anyone could, but could you actualy code up the networking program needed to actually host the client-server game ?? 🤣 😲

Reply 15 of 21, by Cold0ne

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I am new to this whole DosBox thing, I just got Blood and Im trying to get it to work online.
Few problems...
When I run Blood in DOSBOX (everything runs smooth and sound works, 1280 res, cutscenes work all is good), then I go to multiplayer and it just lists a bunch of Server programs like Kali, Dwnago, etc. Looking this up online, none of these exist anymore except Kali, I downloaded Kali and the problem there is it runs only Blood.exe and how can you possibly have it run the game through DOSBOX?

I also have Hamachi and use it for Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty 5. But the instructions here sound a bit insane to get it working on hamachi. I dont wanna get VDM sound or any of that, I just want it to work through DOSBox and any Lan<->Internet software like hamachi/Kali. and THROUGH dosbox since it runs good that way.

Anyways im still not understanding or seeing how you can actually get to the multiplayer mode of Blood? I dont have this IPXNET.exe in my blood folder... is it supposed to be there? When I run dosbox and dont load Blood (just sitting there in the dosbox default window), i type IPXNET and nothing happens... it doesnt recognize the command so if its supposed to emulate the basic DOS/win95 commandexes like Move/Copy/ipconfig/ and so on it doesnt have them (if IPXNET is supposedly part of win95 & command prompt).

OK so basically, as you can see, there is a LOT of confusion here. I have looked up this on google and its difficult to even find anything relating to Blood the game itself, as its such a generic term to search. Even adding monolith or 3d realms, or 1997 after it doesnt do much good to find specific things. Please someone here if you know how to get the game to run through DOSBOX and Kali or Hamachi, please do a step by step (for the most newb of newbs) method of how to get the game to run multiplayer. If it helps, Im using a frontend for dosbox called DO.G. which makes things a lot easier, i dont have to do all the mounting crap in the dosbox console, it does it all for you and runs the game. It has the option under the game config to add external commands, if that is where I need to add this ipxnet stuff.

Also please explain how do you even get to the multiplayer portion of the game, some kind of menu perhaps if it exists where you might have a lobby or a map list to launch a game? DOnt tell me games in 1997 were only running servers through command prompts and typing level names? quake 2 has some sort of multiplayer lobby/connect methods and its 1997 also. you dont have to do it from outside the game.

Also 1 last thing, Im only interested in cooperative campaign gameplay, which I saw online is possible through Kali that is why i started searching this stuff. I really want to be able to load a coop game of the singleplayer story with 2 players over kali or hamachi. Only 2 players cuz its just gonna be me and 1 other guy, if that makes things easier. That is my true wish and it seems its going to be difficult as hell making it work. But If someone can explain it properly Im ready and hoping to make it work.! thanks


Reply 16 of 21, by DosFreak

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Ask here for step-by-step (we don't do that here):


You don't need Hamachi as long as you forward the ports on the router for the machine that is going to be the DOSBox server.

IPXNET is a DOSBox command. It's in the DOSBox Z:\ drive.

Read the DOSBox Readme.

DOSBox command prompt does not "emulate" Windows 95 Command prompt or MS-DOS command prompt. It only includes commands needs to make games work.

"ipconfig" is not an IPX command.

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Reply 18 of 21, by Adz-kotter

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To set up a network game using IPX in Dosbox follow these instructions:


In blood to play a multiplayer game you need to load it from the SETUP.EXE file and select 'network game'

I still play Blood deathmatches with a friend using this setup.