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Hello everybody,
this is my first post so I would like to welcome everybody and give it up for your great work on DOSBox project
and keeping old games alive.
I have been using DOSBox for two years now and counting!

Allow me now please to go down to my problem :

I am playing EA Sport's , FIFA Soccer 97 on DOSBox 0.70 and 0.71 and my save games never stay - they dissapear.
On previous versions of DOSBox the game was unplayable (runable though), but I'm rather positive the state of
the game couldn't be saved either.

In FIFA 97 you can play different types of games: a single match, a league or a tournament,
in menu there is a "save game" button that pop ups a window with 10 places marked "empty" on which you can save your game
you chose one, click on it and write a name for your game and then press Enter to save and the windows closes
But the problem is - the progress is never saved. I immiedietly push "save game" or a "load game" next to it to see if
my game is still there , but all 10 places are marked "empty" again.
Same thing is with saving option changes and saving team status after trading players among teams.

I remember playing this great game back in 1996 (it was released before 1997) in pure MS DOS and I had the very same problem ,
and then playing it again some other year (1997, 98 or 99) - it was all positive to save my game and load it -
which shows that it IS possible
I can't remember the difference between my computer in 1996 and 1997 but I probably had completly different two,
486 in 96 and Pentium 166 MMX in 97 , if it makes a difference
and I am rather positive that I only played it in pure MS DOS 5.0+ , most likely 6.0
Even though, I have Windows XP now and I CAN run FIFA97 by clicking "FIFADOS.exe" (without a sound, though) but it won't
make my saves last either.

And I also recall seeing a way on the internet how to save a game in FIFA 97 , about five or six years ago but
I didn't happen to pay attention to it as I was not in the possesion of the game back then - and believe me I have tried
real hard to find it now , spending many hours serving and googling . This is yet another proof that it IS possible to save game

Please , help me
Excuse me for making my post so long, I wanted to show all the details.
Maybe somebody recall a very same problem with some other game and may help me.
Please , throw any ideas and none will pass unnoticed from my side , I will try everything because I neither can stop playing
this great game and I can no longer play only single "friendly" matches.

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please excuse me for a double post ,
but I might get the impression that my long post has scared you and I might get no help

I think the problem isn't really the game itself , I do not expect any Fifa 97 Die Hard to pop up out of nowhere and tell me that I should beat Brazil 11 goals to zero and score 9 goals with a goalkeeper to enable save games .

Like I said , I had two different computers and on one save games worked, on the other they didn't . The copy of the game was the same .
Must have been some different Dos , or Bios , or whatever settings , I guess.

Please, help me out. I know you can do magic with DOS

Reply 2 of 4, by DOS_Boy

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It seems that Fifa series and Dosbox don't like each other. DOn't know how u managed to get fifa 97 running, as I'm still trying to get fifa 96 to run... 😒

"But listen to me brother, you just keep on walking, 'cause you and me and sister ain't got nothing to hide..." - Scatman John

Reply 3 of 4, by MiniMax

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Whatever the problem is, first step is to determine if it is a problem with the game or a problem with DOSBox. Does the saving thingy work in real DOS or not? Best would be if someone else with the game could test it.

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