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Once upon a time: Angel Devoid

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Originally posted by Schadenfreude Or do ya think this is a wrong thing to pursue?

I think, for now, this title isn't viable without "classic pc" hardware.

When DosBox has protected-mode and VESA, it may be viable again.

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i've tried Angel Devoid on several systems yesterday. It worked fluently in Windows XP without VDMSound and with using command.com instead of the cmd.com interpreter.

Using cmd.com or VDMSound would make the game crash when the mouse comes in place, so right after the intro sequence.

I also realized that only IRQ 5 worked for the game.

So i'm a little confused now - i though VDMSound uses command.com as interpreter anyway, but the behavior is just the same as if used cmd.com. Actually it's not much a problem, because it runs okay without VDMSound and with the windows XP SoundBlaster routines, but sound would just be a little smoother with VDMSound.

Is there a way to get VDMSound using command.com (Windows DOS) instead of cmd.com?

Oh yeah, program only works with the /NOUNIVBE and /NOSOUND option, but that's known, i guess. 😀

Angel Devoid does not wirk with DosBox so far, i think (i only get illegal calls). Probably the problem can be avoided with a different interpreter version...