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Hello everyone,

I never played this game back in the 90s. But it would be absolutely great, if I could today. Unfortunately there are some problems to solve in order to do so.

The solution that I found here:

did not work in my case. I wasn't even able to mount a drive like it was shown in the Guide:

mount c C:\lba (does not work)
mount d /Volumes/ADELINE/ -t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctl -label ADELINE (works)

My machine:
Mac Pro, 2,66 Gz, 4 GB RAM, OS 10.5.6, DosBox 0.7.2

When inserting the game cd into the mac, TWO partitions are mounted:
"ADELINE" (which contains the game data) and
"Relentless/ Twinsen's Adventure/Little Big Adventure" (which contains cd audio tracks).

As shown above I was able to mount the adeline-partition into dosbox and install the game. But I have absolutely no idea, how to integrate the audio cd partition into it.
When I start the game out of dos box, I only see the Adeline-logo and than I get kicked out to dos with this message:

LBA/Relentless (Oct 14 1994 / 11:43:15)



Any ideas?

Maybe I just have to copy the cd audio tracks to a new cd and give it the "right" name. Because "Relentless/ Twinsen's Adventure/Little Big Adventure" doesn't make sense in dos.

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You are running into the CD check (copy protection). The best way to get LBA going in DOSBox is to make a BIN/CUE image of the CD and mount that as your CD drive in DOSBox. The game seems to choke on ISOs.

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When I copy the cd with Toast for Mac with the save as Bin/ Cue option, I get TWO seperated CD images.

Hmm maybe I should try to create the Bin/ Cue image on a pc and transfer that to the mac... Or I just wait until I moved into a bigger home where I can set up my dos pc as well 😀


MacMini 2018, DOS Box, SCUMM VM, Munt