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if phil wants to look out later.

GOG Shadow of the Horned Rat still has aspect ratio issues, even dxwnd cant fix the vertical stretch, something akin to HOMM's GDI patch for the windows gold versions could work.
GOG 40k Final Liberation has Graphic and stuttering issues on win10.
The Retroism releases of Microprose games has issues on the Steam versions, 1942 has sound issues that were fixed here, but most of it were fixed thanks to Dosbox ECE builds.
The EA, GOG and maybe Future Steam release of Wing Commander 1,2,3 lacks the Windows version as optional, though Wing commander 3 can be patched to the windows version easily thanks to its Kilrathi Saga files + Dxwnd or Dgvoodoo2(older versions has Ps1/Armada black space skybox, recent versions has classic DOS Blue), 1 and 2 suffers from speed issues, WC1Windows was fixed thanks to Wcnews and the Free PCGamer release, Wing Commander 2 has issues on both DOS and Windows with crashes and speed issues, the wcfixes is open source for those who may want to give a try on it. (im using Phil's recommended config along with MUNT for WC2)

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Thanks for this, I bought DN1+2 and they worked fine by copying game contents.

Blake Stone: Planet Strike boots fine, but as soon as loading is done it crashes. I'll try a few more things before adding it as a RED one to the document.
Has anyone else tried any Blake Stone games?

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tried pinball dreams deluxe but after intros I get blank screen. screen still on. just blank
intel p3 500mhz
soundblaster 16 isa
voodoo3 agp.
256mb memory.


oh wow. as I was typing this the table selection came up. just had to wait long time it.
for some reason its not showing credits before the tables. maybe thats why im getting blank screen.

got pinball fantasies running but had to switch dos cdrom drivers to XDVD2 to get it running without crashing blaming memory.
sounds great on soundblaster 16 1750... but only in pure dos mode.

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Found my notes for some of the game installs. This is what I have for changing sound options in Dark Queen of Krynn:

"INSTALL.EXE hard coded to save the config file at “C:\DISK1\”; Move file to c: temporarily, run the installer, pick sound options, move the modified file back to original location"

Anyone able to confirm the steps? I think this may be based on an older version of the installer package so I don't know if the files have been changed since then.

Halcyon: PC Chips M525, P100, 64MB, Millenium 1, Voodoo1, AWE64, DVD, Win95B

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I've managed to play Epic Pinball with the files provided by GOG. Tyrian, Stargunner and Mortal Kombat run fine as well.
With Jill of the Jungle I had problems, only episode 3 had music and sound, episode 2 had no music and episode 1 had no music and was on warp speed. I had to download another version which has a special intro screen that lets you pick each chapter; that version had no problems with any of the episodes.

I need to get CD-Rs to test Pinball Fantasies and World Rally Fever.

I forgot, my PC is Compaq Presario with a Celeron@700MHz, on board intel graphics and on board Allegro-1 sound system, about 320 MB of RAM.