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Hi all, I have recently aquired a complete boxed F-15 Strike Eagle III for a mere $1.50 so I was thrilled and brought it home installed it on my 486 PC but it freezes on the screen with the guy standing over a map in the hangar (start of the game). As soon as the mouse moves it does a hard system lock-up.

I've tried running the game with and without serial 2 and parallel port, tried it with and without internal and external cache, tried it in write-back and write-thru mode, even tried it without any sound support enabled and nothing just always freezes in the same spot as soon as the mouse moves.

System specs are, AMD Am5x86-P75 133Mhz 486 CPU, ASUS PVI-486SP3 with latest BIOS, Jaton VL41C/V2 (S3 805) 1MB, Vesa Local Bus (VLB) graphics card, Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 (CT1600), 16MB system RAM, 256kb cache RAM and official Microsoft serial mouse.

Any help and/or advice is most needed and appreciated. Thanks in advance. 😎

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Does the game run without a mouse? Are there keyboard equivalents that you could try to see if the game locks up without a mouse connected at all?

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I have the same board in my 486 and I can confirm that I had other games freezing with the original mouse drivers. Using cutemouse since then without encountering this issue again

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