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auron wrote on 2021-05-23, 09:07:

i'm surprised that the battle.net edition for win95 hasn't been suggested; it has the add-on already built in, runs pretty solid in my experience and has the speed sensitivity issues fixed.

While the Battle.net version is a considerable upgrade in most aspects, there are a few minor reasons to use the DOS version instead:

  • Battle.net version uses compressed music (DOS version uses CD Audio)
  • DOS version can alternatively use General MIDI, FM synth, AWE32, ESFM and such for music (relevant for purely nostalgic reasons)

But yeah, for an overall smoother experience, the Battle.net version is the way to go.

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fair points, would too have prefered to have MIDI as an option. as for the compressed tracks, i can't remember the quality loss to badly stick out last time i played this to be honest, and at least this should get rid of those typical little game pauses upon CD track changes.