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First post, by leileilol

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Cave Story had many ports (Linux, Mac, PSP) but none for DOS? That's just blasphemy.

What could be done in a port:
- Allowing 320x240x8 by color remapping to an optimally generated palette. The hard part is giving Doctor its own palette to calculate a red fade in. This would be faster than running in the game's native resolution of 640x480x16 (2x pixel scale, with sharp fonts)
- Using a fixed pixel font instead of interfacing with truetype or freetype
- Option of OPL-3 Org? The music code stands between running the game on 486 class machines... or at least a lower sampling rate option.

As of now, the game doesn't function under Windows 95 or even HXDOS. It relies on some Windows 98 shell dependency for a no good reason (it doesn't even touch "My Documents")

No, I can't port it - wish I knew how.

long live PCem

Reply 1 of 3, by robertmo

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leileilol wrote:

As of now, the game doesn't function under Windows 95

It works if you install IE4.0
(Although after using english translation patch game doesn't work in any win9x for me (at least not in dosbox 😉 )
Anyway the game works fine (even with enghish translation) in winxp and 7 so why do you want dos ver?

Reply 2 of 3, by Jorpho

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Why indeed? I reckon some of the graphical effects would require a pretty powerful machine even in DOS.

I seem to recall someone was trying to re-implement the engine in an open-source project, but I doubt it got anywhere.

Also, wasn't the PSP port unauthorized and canceled?

Reply 3 of 3, by CrisGer

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here are all the versions including a PSP port....


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