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Hi VOGONS, long time no post. 😀

I suddenly got the urge to play Beasts & Bumpkins. (I still have the original CD!)

I got it to install by editing the registry. (see here)

Problem is, the color pallet gets all messed up in Windows 7, and the colors are all wrong.

I also couldn't get it to work under Linux using wine. (and even if I did, it probably wouldn't recognize the audio CD tracks, which is a deal breaker) And I don't fancy installing Windows XP just for it.

Any possible solutions?

Reply 1 of 3, by F2bnp

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Try killing explorer.exe, that usually fixes this type of problem. Generally happens with Blizzard's games too, Diablo , Starcraft and Warcraft II Battle.net edition.
Once you're done playing you can just run explorer.exe again 😀. Give it a try.

Reply 2 of 3, by Jorpho

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ChaosFish wrote:

I got it to install by editing the registry. (see here)

FYI, if you run the game's setup in Windows 95 compatibility mode, it should work fine afterwards without having to muck with the registry directly.

That won't help with the colors, though. Mr. F2bnp has the right idea, I suspect.