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I remember i played StuntGP on my PC (AMD Athlon 800 Mhz and GForce 256 DDR). And it was nice to play, after some practice i won the races as 1st.

Now i installed it on my main PC (core2quad 9550, geforce 570ti ) and it was so hard to play...
I used standard settings (800x600, Glide with NGlide) and car was not controlable. On every curve i jumped of the racetrack.

But after some tweaking with the config menue... (set to 1600x1200) the game runs like in slow motion now.. it feels like cheating.... i have now so much time for reaction and can control the car easily.

So i set Resolution in config menu to 1024x768 and enabled the two options on Bottom of the Menu-Window.

Now the game runs at the speed i remember... Fast, but playable. I have to make no error to win the race, but its possible to win.

Just would share that info with you, if you like that game too and get frustrated.

Ah hint: If you modify your car... look at the tyres... i use the tyres with the highest grip, not with the highest price.