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Hi, I created this topic to understand how much difference there is between DSOAL + OpenAL Soft and real EAX hardware (Audigy/X-Fi). Unfortunately I don't have a hardware-accelerated OpenAL sound card and on the internet or YouTube I only find DSOAL videos with no real comparison. Also I have read that the reverb level of DSOAL changes if you play with stereo speakers or with headphones by enabling HRTF (with HRTF it increases).
I have 2.1 stereo speakers, setting boost = +12 looks the same as ALchemy's software emulation (exaggerated), boost = 0 (default) is fine but in some games the reverb seems barely noticeable, almost non-existent. An example is the Karnak level of Serious Sam TFE, with ALchemy it is equivalent to boost = +12 (a lot of reverb), with DSOAL setting boost = +2 you start to hear something while with boost = 0 it seems absent. On the other hand the increase of "boost" from 0 to a higher value, in other games it seems too much (eg Splinter Cell). Maybe this is a DSOAL problem, or it's the right game behavior, I don't know as I'm from ALchemy and I have never owned a Sound Blaster with real EAX support in the past.
I would simply like to understand, with OpenAL Soft set up with stereo speakers, what is the right reverb level, the closest to Sound Blaster Audigy/X-Fi, if possible, maybe with some audio or video comparison. Thank you

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