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Greetings venerable Vogons. Build any good bypasses lately?

I have a kick ass Tualatin based Windows 98SE gaming PC that I built last year (pictured) and I have been enjoying a lot of different games on it. I've been playing stuff from my childhood like Warcraft, Age of Empires and Deus Ex, but now I would like to go back a bit before my time and try out some classic DOS games.

I have this CD-ROM edition of Ultimate Doom (v1.09) for DOS, but I can't get the music or SFX to work. My sound card is a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital (SB0220).

In the Doom setup program it requests the following:

Choose music sound card
>> Select MIDI Port

Choose Sound FX card
>> Select device
>> Port address
>> IRQ
>> DMA channel
>> Number of sound FX to mix

I have no idea how to determine what these settings such as port, IRQ, DMA etc should be set to. I have simply tried selecting all defaults but that doesn't seem to work. For the MIDI sound card I have tried both General MIDI and Sound Blaster, but neither of them seem to work. Could anybody guide me on how to figure out what settings I need?

I also have a copy of Doom II for Windows 95, but unfortunately it lacks mouse support for Windows 98. It looks like I either have to play Doom 1 with no sound, or Doom 2 with no mouse, haha! What a predicament.

Thanks in advance for all the help and suggestions.



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All PCI sound cards in general, and SB0220 in particular, are problematic under DOS.

This thread may be of some help: Problem with SB0220 card

Is your problem specific to Doom, or any DOS game?

Choose music sound card
>> Select MIDI Port

General MIDI with port 330 "should" work.

>> Port address
>> IRQ
>> DMA channel

Typical settings are: port 220, IRQ 5 or 7, DMA 1.

>> Number of sound FX to mix

Max available.

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If you are running this from inside Win98, you can open up the Device Manager. You should see Sound Blaster 16 Emulation or something like it listed under sound devices. If you right click and check it's properties, you can see the resources it's using. You should see only one IRQ, 2 DMA for high and low, and a smattering of memory locations for ADDR, MIDI and FM Synth. The ADDR should be somewhere around 220, and the MIDI around 330 and FM Synth around 388. But I've seen the Win9X drivers for the SBLive grab all sots of nonstandard resources for reasons that are a mystery to me. The "standard" resources were available.

You can always turn off automatic allocation of these resource, and manually assign them to the "standard" values, assuming there are no conflicts. IRQ is probably the most likely to be conflicted, but the rest are usually fine in a more or less vanilla system.

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