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hello, I'm trying to get Mr potato head saves veggie valley working for a friend
I tried using a mounted iso to make a DVD drive, but it said this app can't run on your pc check with the software publisher
and looked into it. need to use Dosbox
Tried using it, and eventually got to the point where DOSBox is saying please run this installation under Windows 3.1 or higher or this program requires Microsoft windows
I tried in DOSBox 0.74 which I saw in a similar issue post, but I doubt my friend would be down to do all the stuff with windows 3.1 in worries of fucking their computer

Is there a way to not do all that and use a frontend or different emulator in a simpler way?
any help would be appreciated


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That's a 16-bit Windows application (which doesn't work with 64-bit Windows OSes) and "Please run this installation under Windows 3.1 or higher" message is quite obvious.

You should try OTVDM for that game. Alternatively, Windows 3.1 can be installed within DOSBox if you have a copy.