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Hello, I'm trying to get Warcraft II BNE working on my Raspberry Pi 400. I first tried Wine and it worked for running the game in singleplayer, but there was no way to do multiplayer. Then I read that DosBox supports IPX networking; therefore, WarCraft 2 BNE should work. I installed DosBox, copied my cd files to a folder in the .dosbox directory. Then I discovered the game can't be installed through dosbox. Didn't know what to do so I copied the game directory from the installed version where I used WINE to the .dosbox directory. That didn't work either.

OS: Raspbian
Raspberry Pi 400


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Warcraft 2 Battle.net Edition is for Windows so you'll need Windows or Wine to run it.
You can play the DOS version of Warcraft 2 in DOSBox even with multiplayer but you'd need to find someone that wanted to play it with you unless you wanted to play against yourself.

You might be able to try something like Wargus but I've never tried it and unknown if it works on the Pi.

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DOSBox's IPX networking isn't actually IPX networking, just simulated IPX tunneled through TCP-IP.

Box86 (Ptitseb's x86 emulation layer for Pi's ARMs) may be able to run it through Wine.

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