NV-1 Emulation

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Yeah it's an old thread indeed. Maybe he never got out of that stink.

Dont know if nicht sehr gut ever got that problem fixed, but I did have a similar problem with one of my pci audio cards. After a random period of time, which usually was one minute or something of constant playback sounds died and it needed a reboot.

The fix for that was fiddling with the pci registers and changing some timing thingies there. Never had a problem since.

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How different were the Sega ports? I'm assuming they included Virtua Fighter Remix, Panzer Dragoon and Virtual-On (or was that an MMX exclusive title?)?

Nicht Sehr Gut wrote:

Miss that high-color Panzer Dragoon.

The actual release version of Panzer Dragoon ran in 640x480 in 16-bit high-color... so how did the NV-1 version differ?


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Annnnnd it's been found.

NVidia NV1 SDK 1.50 has been uploaded:

This is the conclusion of a twelve-year quest for me:
NV-1 Emulation
(Now someone just needs to make that wrapper, haha...)

Many thanks to my source (no, he doesn't have anything else NV1-related, and nothing Sega-related for that matter)

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