QEMU 3Dfx Glide Pass-Through

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Bladeforce wrote on 2021-06-04, 08:32:

The latest Wine runs it fine with 3d acceleration.

It's great to hear that, Thanks! I only ported several Wine versions optimized for QEMU and out of them only the old versions work, which was old enough that WineD3D was based on XPDM instead of WDDM. When Wine-6.0 stable gets its next point release, I will port the version and provide free upgrade for all the donors of qemu-3dfx. I am sorry to say that you barked up the wrong tree, PCem does not use Wine. The better latest Wine runs Windows games, so does QEMU or Boxedwine. PCem is simply out in the cold ... ouch.🤣

If your goal is to let everyone know that they don't need QEMU to play games, then it is perfectly fine with me. It has always been that way, we have dgVoodoo2, nGlide, dxwrappers, Wine/DXVK on Linux and all kinds of other ways, as long as they work, be my guest. QEMU has never been the only way to play a game, it has always been one of the ways. If it was so unfortune that it is the only way for M1, then just don't buy an M1. Isn't that simple?

Bladeforce wrote on 2021-06-04, 08:32:

I am really curious as to your personal distaste of pcem. Sarah walker has done amazing work on that project and yet every other post of yours has to diss pcem. Lack of class man

Intel has served the high-tech industry well for decades and yet every M1 press & YouTube video review has never stopped humiliating the company. Isn't this a way of life the world we live today? I am not pointing to the author of PCem, but true lack of class and spread of falsehood are those who downplayed the importance of key technology that they don't have. I won't go too far this time to annoy the moderator.