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Hi today I want to write about one of my favorite games and I am referring to Monkey island 3 The Curse of Monkey Island by Lucas Art. I think it is the most successful episode of the saga with its new graphics and compelling story.
But let's get straight to the point.
There are 2 and very nice eggs and they can be activated on Blood Island. One is in the beach while the other is in the crypt. They link back to the first episode of the sag. I leave you the 2 links of the videos to see how to activate them. Good vision.

Ester Egg Crypt Blood Island - Monkey Island 3 - The Curse of Monkey Island


Ester Egg Beach Blood Island - Monkey Island 3 - The Curse of Monkey Island


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I knew about the one in the crypt but not the second one. Thanks, I'll check it out on my next play through. This is perhaps also my favourite Monkey Island game, I usually play it every 5 years or so.. 😀