Tillamook 266MHz and working L2 cache?

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Re: Tillamook 266MHz and working L2 cache?

Postby Gona » 2018-5-18 @ 13:19

amijim wrote:Hello.It seems that the tillamook needs 64x32 memory modules.Gona can uou make a photo of the working pc chips cache modules and the aristo non working? Can you also upload fotos of working and non working cache modules?My qdi seems to have the um613264f which are 64x32 modules.Still waiting for my tillamook.I have an asus 430hx t55t2p4 board as well and i will test this as well.
The 64x32 itself is not enough because my ASUS TX97-XE is also has 64x32 (by TM), boot with Tillamook but no L2.
Here it is the UT6164C32Q-6 (the picture about the UMC 64x64 chip on my Aristo VPX board I will send you in PM).
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