640x480 Stretched Fullscreen Gaming in VirtualBox - Solution Found

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640x480 Stretched Fullscreen Gaming in VirtualBox - Solution Found

Postby IMeganElisabeth » 2018-6-14 @ 15:25

When I select scaled mode the game stretched and fills the entire screen. However, I’m wanting to not have the Windows bar at the bottom during the game, hence the full screen. However, when selecting fullscreen mode I get the black bars on the sides and the closest I have been able to get is setting my host resolution to the lowest Windows 10 as well as my Vista VM allows - 800x600 with bars on the sides instead of all the way around. I was just hoping there was a way I could get it to stretch and fill the whole screen as it does in scaled mode? I know the game is capable of displaying full screen because it stretches on my host windows 10 to fill the screen before crashing due to speed issues with sound/video, therefore, not allowing me to play it outside of the VM.

ETA: Just in case anyone comes across this post by trying to get a game (most likely primarily an older one) I’ve found a workaround. Others seem to have encountered this issue in VirtualBox with games not scaling to fullscreen if they’re older. To get around this I installed an application called Fullscreenizer and it works great by allowing me to use scaled mode (where it does in fact stretch the older game of 640x480 across my screen with 3840x2160 set) and fullscreenizer will simply remove the window with the click of a button and stretch the game in place to fill the entire screen - making it basically a borderless windowed mode that is scaled and stretched properly to be able to enjoy oldies full screen in VirtualBox. I know it made me really happy to figure out to be able to enjoy some old games with fullscreen glory! Hopefully this helps you if you come across this with a similar issue. (:
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