Graphics Card Re-Distribution

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Graphics Card Re-Distribution

Postby Smack2k » 2018-8-12 @ 14:20

Been trying to figure out a good combination of graphics cards to use on a couple of my setups now that I am adding another machine into the mix. Looking for some recommendations / thoughts on what I have in place and what would / could be better for some of the setups:

Pentium 233MMX - Windows 95OSR2 (I want a 95 machine as this would work for the era) - RIVA128 AGP / Voodoo1 - 1995 - 1997 games
Pentium III 500 - Windows 98SE - TNT (or TNT2) / Voodoo2 SLI - 1998 - 2000 games
Pentium III 1.4 - Windows 98SE - GeForce Ti4600 - 2001 - 2003 games

Not super concerned if a card isnt being used to its full potential due to processor (Ti4600) but more concerned that it can be used to play games of the era in high quality with minimal issues if something different would allow for better overall compatibility and performance I'd love to know.

Let me know your thoughts and any changes / differences you would make....appreciate it.
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Re: Graphics Card Re-Distribution

Postby RetroBoogie » 2018-8-12 @ 15:45

The only suggestion I would have is possibly using a Voodoo 3 for system 2 to replace all three cards. If you don't NEED glide for 1998-2000 (I don't think a PIII-500 is going to max 2000 games), then perhaps a TNT2 (non M64 or Vanta) or Geforce 2/3. That's what I would do in your shoes.

Otherwise I would probably build my other systems like you already have them, to be honest.
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Re: Graphics Card Re-Distribution

Postby Smack2k » 2018-8-13 @ 01:51

Thanks for the helps a lot
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Re: Graphics Card Re-Distribution

Postby appiah4 » 2018-8-13 @ 06:48

The TNT2/V2SLI won't cut it for many 2000 games, you want a GF2GTS to go along that V2SLI (if you want to keep the V2SLI at all.. IMO it's better to move that to the P233MMX and just add a GF2GTS to that system)

Once you go into 2003 that Ti4600 will simply not cut it, you need a 9700/9800PRO for the 2000-2003 era.

My 2c. I have similarly configured PCs for those eras as well, my choices are in my signature. Cheers.
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Re: Graphics Card Re-Distribution

Postby tayyare » 2018-8-13 @ 14:06

I would be a little bit more radical and completely eliminate your second machine (PIII 500)

My choice would be:

Voodoo 3 PCI or a TNT/TNT2 class card with a Voodoo1 for MMX 233 (mid to late 90s DOS / early W9x games)
GF4 TI 4x00 + Voodoo2 SLI for Tually (late 90s to 2001 W9x games - 2002/3 is a bit of a stretch for a W98/PIII system in my opinion)
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