Romance of the Three Kingdoms No Colour

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms No Colour

Postby simoncwq » 2019-1-27 @ 15:16

I'm new to using dosbox and i was wondering if anyone encountered having no colour when running a game?

Basic info:
1. Asrock B450 Fatality K4
2. Ryzen 2600 (3.4-3.9Ghz)
3. 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz
4. Nvidia GTX1070Ti 16GB
5. None i guess?
6. Windows 10 Pro (Build 17134.523)
7. Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (DOS Version NOT SNES)
8. No colour on any screen, full black and white.
9. Always
10. Not sure (Default setting is used)
11. Opengl (Tried all but stuck with opengl)
12. Dosbox 0.74
13. Changed all outputs, machines in config. Updated graphic drivers and windows settings. Downloaded fresh rom and usable rom from other PC with colour.
(Other PC is running the game just fine but using AMD GPU instead)

The following are things that should be in your help request:
1. Motherboard
2. Processor type and speed
3. Amount and type of RAM
4. Video board w/ RAM amount and type
5. Sound board
6. Operating system
7. Game name (and version, if applicable)
8. Description of problem (be detailed: saying "it's jerky" doesn't help, saying "the player sprites seem to be jerky when I'm pressing any of the arrow keys" does)
9. Reproducibility of problem (always, only once, always but only on a specific level, etc.)
10. Sound mode used
11. Video mode (Software, OpenGL, Direct3D, or Glide, and resolution)
12. Version of emulator (for VDMSound, probably 2.0.4 or 2.1.0; for DOSBox, 0.58+)
13. Steps already attempted to solve the problem
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Re: Romance of the Three Kingdoms No Colour

Postby red_avatar » 2019-2-08 @ 11:43

Very odd. Did you copy every single setting from your other PC? And using the exact same files for DOSBOX and inside DOSBOX to run the game?
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