Pentium Overdrive Retail Display?

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Pentium Overdrive Retail Display?

Postby PDXSonic » 2019-11-11 @ 01:14

Got a text from a friend mentioning that he found something really neat today. Usually I expect that to be maybe a cool big box PC game or the occasional graphics/sound card. But today topped all of that... I think. He found two separate boxes (one cardboard, one plastic) with what appears to be some sort of display or press kit for Pentium Overdrive processors. One set of them is clearly labelled Mech Sample, so they likely aren't functional. But the other set I dont have pictures with the fan off yet (I'll look at it in person later in the week).

But I was curious if anyone had seen something like this before and if my thoughts on its origins were correct.
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Re: Pentium Overdrive Retail Display?

Postby Anonymous Coward » 2019-11-11 @ 01:47

Those 486 overdrive mechanical samples are awesome! It seems that at some point intel was considering using the extra row of pins to make 486 overdrives. It always kind of bugged me that the 486 sockets had 237-8-9 pins, but only one CPU ever used the extra pins (which nobody bought). Too bad the extra pins are just voltage and ground lines. Still, the extra large 486 CPUs look neat.
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Re: Pentium Overdrive Retail Display?

Postby H3nrik V! » 2019-11-11 @ 04:36

Those displays are so crazily awesome that there is only 3 places they can be placed; on the wall over the couch, on the wall over the bed or locked in a safe, to protect the value .. But what a shame it would be to not show those beauties!
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