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board is a lenovo umc491 that looks like this one:
i actually got two boards of this model, because the first one had physical damage in a ram slot and therefore can only support 4 simms, however its the fastest 386 board i've seen so far, so i got a second one.
the second board passed doom and speedsys, but when it comes to pcpbench it always freeze, usually at 20~50% into the test.
i tried a bunch of methods to no avail:
*relax cache and ram latency
*lower cpu clock to 20mhz
*changed a few sets of cache chips
the only way that can pass the test is to disable cache. but since i have changed a few sets of cache chips that were working on other boards, i can't believe the fault is in the cache. also cache problems are usually quite sensitive, thats to say, would cause other tests to fail aswell.

could it be the cpu's fault? i guess so because enabling cache increases the load of cpu. would be difficult to fix...

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I'm not sure if I can help you, however I identified your board here : http://www.uncreativelabs.de/th99/m/U-Z/32628.htm
This one too seem identical https://arvutimuuseum.ee/th99/m/P-R/32174.htm

Can you tell me what's written in the bottom left corner of the board ? I can read "386-4N-D0 ..." and then the ISA slot comes in front of that text.
Also would you like to send me the BIOS if you can ?