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Kahenraz wrote on 2022-01-14, 01:04:

Wouldn't the General MIDI rendition be an entirely new composition? OPL is FM synthesis and generally mono, isn't it?

I'm recording General MIDI, not OPL.

Lol sorry. Yes the MIDI is stereo. 🤣

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Comparing the capture quality between my UCA202 and Lexicon Alpha, they sound the same to me and the waveforms appear almost identical in Audacity.

The major difference is that the UCA202 can only record up to 16-bit audio while the Lexicon can record 24-bit. This is not an issue for the MT-32 or the SC-55 but the SC-88 can produce 18-bit audio. I don't know if the difference can be perceived or not from these synthesizers.

The UCA202 is convenient in that it "just works" whereas the Lexicon has the left and right channels separated by two line-in jacks with their own independent volume knob that must be balanced. The driver or Windows itself does some odd things with the Lexicon where it stops producing audio or reinitializing with the wrong frequency when certain things happen such as opening Audacity. If you're not monitoring the output and don't realize that this is happening, then your recording will be all messed up.

I would definitely recommend the UCA202 (in gray). The Lexicon has some weird bugs and requires extra tweaking to get it right when setting up a new recording.