160mhz CPU on VLB Motherboard ?

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Great to hear the modded GA-486VS BIOS works well. 😀

Thanks for the register 72h tweak and the J.2 BIOS!
I’ve seen the 8+0 / 7+1 tag bits selection for the motherboard cache in the BIOSes of several other 486 chipsets, and understand the working of the dirty bit for Write-Back cache. But strangely enough, I never encountered this option in SiS471 BIOSes…

I’ve adapted this same 11/28/95 BIOS for my Chicony CH-471B SiS471 board, running an Am5x86-133. I will sure try this 7+1 tag+alter bits tweak on that board as well. 😀

Cheers, Jan

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