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Re: Doom 'MBF' for DOS, Maintenance release 2.04

Postby Pablo_Doom_Guy » 2019-12-03 @ 06:57

Sakitoshi wrote:
Pablo_Doom_Guy wrote:
Sakitoshi wrote:so I was doing something wrong.
well, I don't think I'm going to change it back, is good enough for me and I'm too lazy to do it.

hi , i've downloaded your "sigil" MBF version and it runs super fine , the problems i've found so far are :

1- Plutonia Map 07 softlocks after killing the enemies on the first part of the level (after you kill the first monsters the door should automatically open and this is not happening)
2- It's cool to be able to play Eviternity on dosbox, the only problem is that maps 15, 31 and 32 wont load , idclev or -warp will crash the game giving a "segmentation violation" error

i was also able to run mutiny with your latest mbf version =) .

thanks for the heads up. just published the fix for level 7.
I accidentally broke tag 666 and 667 while implementing the master levels behavior.

regarding eviternity, I believe that the seg faults are due to the sheer size of that wad. it's just too much for dos mbf to take. maybe there is a way to fix it, but I lack the knowledge.

after my testings , the only little bug i found (that was on "sigil 1.2 version") is that if you enable "Show framerate + mode indicator" MBF crashes , other than that there's no problem

Once again thanks for the fix =)

PS: a question that has nothing to do with MBF itself , but with a recent Doom 2016 demake (D4V aka Doom 4 Vanilla) the "problem" with this mod is that it doesn't properly work with maps with 666/667 sectors , this softlocks the map if the modder deesnt add a bypasser , as far as i know this is no related to the port itself but to the mod , my question is if there is any chance of making a fix so the mod can be properly played on those levels (e2m8 and e3m8 , and some map 7 from doom pwads)

ps2: do you think it could be possible to make map 33 from doom2 playable on mbf ??? It plays on doom+ if you add the nerve files , it doesn't if you do the same with mbf .
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