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Joseph_Joestar wrote on 2020-02-18, 07:06:

Anyone tried SetMul with a Duron on a SocketA system? I have an Abit KT7A and I'm thinking about downgrading my AthlonXP 1500+ to a Duron 700 in the hopes of getting more slowdown choices.

Currently, SetMul only allows me to disable the L1 cache on the AthlonXP which puts it at around 386 levels, and that's really awesome. However, I'd like something not quite as slow for mid-late 90s games like WarCraft 2 and Red Alert which have issues with overly fast screen scrolling.

Is it possible for SetMul to change the multiplier on the Duron and make it run at something like 200 MHz? For reference, the multiplier settings in my BIOS only go down to 5x.

1. There is no point in replacing your Athlon to Duron for more slowdown choices. Every SocketA desktop CPU has the same minimum multiplier(5x) and cache disabling option with your board . Only L1 cache disabling is possible (which also means disabled L2 cache) so a Duron and an Athlon with disabled L1 cache have the exact same speed. Even with caches enabled the difference is minimal at the possible minimum 500 MHz (5x100).

2. Setmul can only set K7 multipliers in real time with mobile K7 CPU (Athlon XP-M). You can make a desktop CPU a mobile one by modifying some bridges:
https://web.archive.org/web/20170912115837/ht … tiplier_FAQ.htm
The above modifications can work with your Athlon XP but definitely not with your Duron 700. The processor must have some MSR registers for this to work and only Morgan+ Durons have them. Your Duron 700 is a Spitfire without PowerNow! MSR registers.
But unfortunately on KT7-A it's not enough since it's a desktop and not a mobile board. You also have to manually tune your chipset for Setmul to be able to set multipliers on the fly:
https://web.archive.org/web/20170822100906/ht … html/Tweaks.htm

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