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Build in some LEDs anything runs like a charm.. Installed win98SE .


im really impressed how good the voodoo5500 runs dos 6.22 and win98SE. I pulled the card out of another system (Pentium3 /win98SE/ Asus p2B) and i tryed to replaces the voodoo with a 9800pro or a geforce 2MX. But any of this cards i got irq problems... The P5A runs old games like Wizardry6 or M&M3 till M&M 8 with 3dfx perfect. The k6 III+ 600MHz push the 1999-2000 Games to run perfect and i can go back to dos with disable cache to enjoy midi DOS.

I use alot of external MIDI on the Roland MPU-401AT (the XV-5080 is the best on GM midi):


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Now if all those leds could be used as blinkenlights instead of an ambient lighting...nice colour though, perfect for Subwar 2050 or Archimedean Dynasty!
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