Wrong EDI Number interrupt

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Wrong EDI Number interrupt

Postby spirlet » 2017-6-16 @ 20:31

Hi all,

I 'm new under Dosbox.

I'm trying to use a dos software but I already have an issue with Interrupt number.

I use the Dosbox initial configuration.

Some one can give me advice about this issue?

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Re: Wrong EDI Number interrupt

Postby ripsaw8080 » 2017-6-19 @ 13:05

Please do not make duplicate posts to get attention for your issue.

DOSBox is intended to run DOS games; DOS applications may not work fully or at all. Try vDosPlus or a different kind of virtualization. If some sort of special hardware for EDI is involved then a real legacy computer system may be your only choice, but perhaps only additional driver software is needed.
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