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New Way of COPY and PASTE for DosBox(AutoIt wrapper)

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I use dosbox for older serial based PLC programs. I missed the copy and paste function of the older win98 dos windows. So I came up with this AutoIt wrapper that has mouse selections, icons, and copy paste hotkeys. This solution does not modify DosBox code in anyway it is just creates a wrapper around the window.

I'll provide a little information how it works. First it must run a TSR program called xpcmouse.exe in dosbox. This provides the selectable text inside the DosBox. When the user selects text in DosBox and press the Copy Icon or Ctrl+c it will write to a file that is on mapped drive. Then AutoIt reads the file and places the copied information into the Windows Clipboard. When the user paste using Ctrl+v or the Paste icon it will send keys to the dos window with whatever is in the windows Clipboard. Also I provided an Icon to hide the status window. This code should work in any version but the windows titles will have to be changed in clip.ini. Right now it is fixed for “DOSBox 0.70”. To upgrade in the future just change to the newer names.

To install just unzip to your current DosBox directory into a subdirectory called clip. Run clip.exe. I also included the clip.au3 if any one is curious about the code.

I worked hard on this so if it is helpful for anyone please leave me feedback I'm willing to see what you think. I just want to thank Qbix for a great program without it my older programs would never work in XP. DosBox and AutoIt are the best two programs on the Internet.


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Interesting! Gotta try it later.

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Necropost... And a question that you could have solved by trying... I still wonder why you are unable to find emendelson's newer tool for this...

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