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If discussion on this functionality for this other project needs to occur do it elsewhere (preferably not vogons), this thread is for DOSBox ECE.

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KainXVIII wrote on 2023-09-12, 12:45:

Yeah, i meant your pixel perfect shader in previous post 😋

Both your screenshots are truly pixel-perfect, with 2x2 square pixels and no apsect-ratio correction. The original resolutions are 640x400 for the first and 640x480 for the second screenshot. The first one has PAR of 1.2 (5:6) and should aspect-corrected if the output resolution permits, which in you case it does not. I am glad the pixel-perfect shader works at least in this situation, but the reliance on the GPU for so simple a thing as pixel-perfect scaling seriously raises the requirements for a DOSBox machine... I should like to see the pixel-perfect shader at work with a 320x200 program on a 1650x1050 display, where it should figure out to use 4:5 scaling, because 5:6 will not fit.

DosFreak, I bet your pardon for replying—didn't see your post.