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Gamecollector wrote on 2011-08-05, 07:02:

DOS version is working perfectly for me with the DOSBox. Sbtype=sb16, irq=7, dma=1 in dosbox.conf. And "SBPro" when installing cdchess. CD mount string was "mount d k:\ -t cdrom".
It looks like I don't have [MCI]CD Audio driver in my WfW 3.11 in DOSBox. So - this is the cause for "no music" in MPCChess. When I find my WfW floppies - I check this again.
giblet_squasher - check the TOC of the CD - it must have 1 data track and 21 CDA tracks.

Today I wanted to install MPC Battle Chess under Win3.11/DOSBox and faced same issue: error at launch reporting CD Music driver problem.
Solved it installing additional CD Audio driver (MCICDA.DRV) under Win3.11:


I found "MCICDA.DR_" file in Win3.11 setup disks, just renamed it "MCICDA.DRV" and it worked and was flawlessly installed by Win3.11.
MPC Battle Chess now works perfectly fine including music and battle audio, thanks to this helpful thread.