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I'm having problems with flickering on Wrath of Earth on Dosbox 0.74-3, running an Intel i7-8565U, with 4gigs of ram with 16 gigs of optane, and using a GeForce MX130. The opening cutscenes and intro all display fine, but when I get into the core gameplay itself, I get flickering in the form of thick black lines, mainly in the middle of the screen. I've tried both the svga_s3 and vesa_nolfb for the machine setting, both openglnb and surface for the output setting and operating with full resolution set to both true and false.

If anyone can give me a heads up if there's something I'm not doing that I need to do (I already had to set EMS to false and as a precaution for low memory, I set the memsize to 64), I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Try 10K fixed cycles for the game (cycles=10000), maybe a bit more or less depending on your system, but too many cycles will cause flickering.

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Abandonware is sadly just a term that has no legal standing ;(

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