CGA Composite Mode under DOSBOX (Commited r3804)

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Re: CGA Composite Mode under DOSBOX (Commited r3804)

Postby OmegaPC777 » 2017-8-26 @ 00:11

VileRancour wrote:
OmegaPC777 wrote:Hey, can I have that Tandy/PCjr composite patch, please?

As the replies above yours indicate- an accurate Tandy/PCjr patch calibrated from real machines is not yet ready. The best one currently available is the PCjr patch by NRS which can be found on page 35. But while we're at it, since you've been submitting composite CGA shots on MobyGames, I'd urge you to use the latest accurate patch instead of what's in DOSBox SVN. ;)

I just started using that patch you suggested me.
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