VIDEO CARD Custom S3 Trio Patch (DOSBOX)

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VIDEO CARD Custom S3 Trio Patch (DOSBOX)

Postby s3freak » 2013-4-07 @ 18:02

This is the area of DOSBox which I have spent the most time on and therefore my username!

The patch features the following:
- 24-bit colour support - I just wanted to experiment with this. It can be disabled by using machine types vesa_no24bpp or vesa_nolfb_no24bpp in dosbox.conf as it can confuse a few DOS apps such as SVGATest and SEA picture viewer.
- Some additional modes, including 1600x1200 - The mode list has been heavily customised to my own liking.
- Refresh rates for VESA modes inside DOSBox - The refresh rates can be set under a new section called vesa_refresh in dosbox.conf - This allows you to match the refresh rate inside DOSBox to your monitor. This only works for VESA modes, not standard VGA, EGA, CGA, etc.
- Extended text modes (80x60, 132x25, 132x43, 132x50 and 132x60), 9 pixels wide per character, which improves text mode readability, compared to 8 pixels wide - My very first graphics (Trident T9000i) card has such extended text modes.
- VGA text mode with 9 pixels wide per character for S3 Trio, not just standard VGA - This is the behaviour of other virtualisation solutions, such as VirtualBox and VMWare, and real graphics cards, including my real S3 Trio 64 / Vision 968.
- 512KB, 1MB, 2MB, 4MB and 8MB video memory options (4MB default). Therefore you can run Windows 3.1 in 1024x768 32bpp, with 4MB, etc. You cannot use more than 4MB in Windows 3.1 or else it will crash on startup. I have S3 Trio cards with with 4MB.
- Smooth page flipping under VBETest - Taken from DOSBox MB6.
- 64KB aligned page sizes - Taken from DOSBox SVN.

Credit to the original authors for the last 2 features.
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Re: S3 Freak’s Custom S3 Trio Patch

Postby Dominus » 2013-5-09 @ 20:04

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