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wiretap wrote on 2021-04-06, 13:24:

I don't see a source anywhere for that. Is it a closed project or can the gerber files be downloaded somewhere?

Closed for now. But he is a nice guy which has released some of his designs as OSS. Hopefully he would release this one once he gets back his investment on R&D, because would be useful to make these for boot and system volumes.

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hyoenmadan wrote on 2021-03-23, 17:55:

Yeh, that's why is a good idea to have an index of gold projects as sticky, like the present one.

I don't think you understood me.

I meant, that if you have an index of gold projects as a sticky topic (like this one), and all the other topics people want stickied that aren't about projects like this, that VOGONS already has so many topics worth making sticky that Marvin -> General Old Hardware would have its first 25 topics (the first page) all sticky at least.

You could make a topic of the topics worth making sticky, but eventually it's just nested too deep. 😉

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