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I have an 81GB IDE drive. My BIOS sees it as 81GB and I enabled LBA mode, and POST confirms that. If I installed XP it works fine.

But I want to use Windows 98. I use fdisk that comes with the Windows 98 set up disk to create the partition and it only partitions 12GB. I try to create a extended partition and it says there is no space to do that.

Any ideas?

If I enable the 32GB mode thingy will that at least give me that much space ?

This is on a Socket 478 system

Ryzen 3700X | 16GB 3600MHz RAM | AMD 6800XT | 2Tb NVME SSD | Windows 10
AMD DX2-80 | 16MB RAM | STB LIghtspeed 128 | AWE32 CT3910
I have a vacancy for a main Windows 98 PC

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Win98's fdisk has trouble with drives larger then 64GB.
MS released an update under KB263044 or you can just create the partitions with a WinME bootdisk which includes the updated fdisk I believe.